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3. The Graphic Composer

3.1. Drawing

3.1.5. Redrawing a formula or a reaction step rule

In this subsection the length unit is one pixel.

The positions of the symbols are not changed in the course of the computation. Since bonds are broken and formed it can happen that a formula is generated which does not fulfill all the draft requirements, which are:

  1. The bonds do not cross each other.
  2. The angle between two bonds has a minimum value.
  3. There is a minimum distance between two symbols and between a symbol and a bond.
  4. A bond has a minimum and a maximum length.
The redraw feature repositions all the points in a formula or reaction step rule in order to fulfill the draft requirements. To run this feature for a displayed formula choose Redraw under Edit.

It accepts two kinds of settings:

  1. The system values, that do not need to be changed often and whose purpose is not to optimize a single redraw task, are given in the file relocate under the directory bin immediately below the installation root aocr-2.0. They are the minimum distance between two symbols and between a symbol and a bond, the minum bond length, the horizontal and vertical size of the window and the horizontal and vertical border. A wrong setting of these values can produce a non usable result.
  2. The operation values that should be modified to improve a single redraw operation are set by selecting Redraw under Settings. They contain a termination bound, the size of the repositioning step for the points, the maximum bond and the minimum angle between bonds.
The redraw program is automatically called when a step of the synthesis is displayed.

While the program runs a dialog offers the possibility of stopping it. Under Linux and Solaris the formula that should have been redrawn can be restored with Undo under Edit, if the program is stopped.

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