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aocr-2.0 Web Utility Guide

3. The Graphic Composer ( Web version )

3.3. Settings

The Redraw choice under Settings opens a panel where the operation values for the redraw program can be set.

The bound value is the number of times the program is forced to switch back to a previous point because it could not arrange the current one. Even with relatively low values (between 500 and 2000) the execution can require some time. In the Web version of the Composer the largest bound setting is 2500. This limit does not exist for the distributed version.

The step value (in pixels) is the amount of space a point is shifted in the attempt of fulfilling the draft requirements with respect to all points already repositioned.

There are six choices of colors for the background, the pen (symbols, expressions, bonds, lines) and the arrows. Three sizes (small, normal large) can be set for symbols and expressions.

3.4. Quitting

Quit under File terminates the Graphic Composer.

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