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aocr-2.0 Web Utility Guide

3. The Graphic Composer ( Web version )

3.1. Drawing

3.1.3. Checking a rule

To check the correctness of the displayed rule select Check rule under Rules. A dialog window appears stating whether the rule is correct or not and, if not, what is wrong with it.

The Composer automatically checks the correctness of a rule before adding it to a list of rules to be used for the computation. The computation program does not run unless all rules in the list are correct.

A correct rule, when applied, maintains the valence of every symbol in the formula and does not move more than one single bond, one charge or one electron from a symbol. More than one bond, charge or electron can be moved through more than one rule.

Formally a rule is correct if there are distinct points p1,...,pn (n=4,6,8) in the reaction step rule such that p1,p2 looses a single bond, p2,p3 gains a single bond,..., pn-1,pn looses a single bond and pn,p1 gains one.

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