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aocr-2.0 Web Utility Guide

3. The Graphic Composer ( Web version )

3.2. Saving and opening

The messages regarding the successful or unsuccessful execution of the operations in this section are displayed on the web browser's Sun Java console. It is recommended to have it open while using the Graphic Composer.

3.2.1. Saving the start and searched compounds

After the formulas for the start and searched compounds have been drawn with the Graphic Composer they must be saved with Save start and Save searched under File respectively to serve as input for the computation. The computation will not begin without these operations.

3.2.2. Adding rules

A list of reaction step rules must be built before the reaction can be computed. This list is empty when the user enters the computing environment. There are two possibilities:

  1. Adding a rule individually with Add rule to list under File. In this case the rule is appended to the end of the list.
  2. Building the list of all preprepared rules already available on the web server. For this purpose choose Add all preprepared rules under File. More rules can of course be added individually to the list built in this manner.

3.2.3. Emptying the list of rules

To empty the list of rules available to the computation choose Empty rule list under File. The list will be completely cleared, ready for a new beginning.

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