Release notes

Update for the aocr-2.0 Utility (December 2006)

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Description and installation notes:

This update introduces a better presentation of the synthesis the program has found and increases the maximum length of the generation by the factor 2.5. This increase allows a much more powerful computation and should not create any trouble to PC's with more than 512MB memory and more than 2GHz processors.

When a step in the derivation of the target is displayed, the utility also shows the number of the rule that will be applied next and the mechanism of the next reaction step in the familiar arrow notation.

If the next computation step is obtained by two consecutive reaction steps a dialog box allows the user to choose which step should be presented.

A small inconvenience of the MS Windows Version associated with the use of the stop button has been eliminated and its effectiveness increased.

An irregolarity in the operation of assigning a charge or an electron to a symbol has been eliminated and a bug associated with the cancel option in the Rules menu corrected.

With the last update (April 2006) two significant errors sneaked in, one in the dump of the generation and one preventing the procedure of checking a rule to be launched. This last one affected also the operation of adding a rule to the list. Both have been fixed.

If you are working with the aocr-2.0 Utility it is highly recommended that you download this update.

To install, after you have unpacked (and uncompressed for the .gz file) the archive tar.gz (for Linux or UNIX) or zip (for MS Windows), copy the Java class files and the executables in the archive to the corresponding location in your installation.

This can be easily done by extracting the archive in the parent directory of the installation base aocr-2.0.

Download the update