Online aocr-2.0 Web Utility ( updated November 23, 2006 )

This is the latest release of aocr-2.0 Web Utility.

This web utility is a sample to allow a user to become familiar with the program and have some successful computation experiences. It does not provide all the features of the distributed, downloadable version.

Sun Java VM 1.1.8 or higher is needed to run the aocr-2.0 Web Utility. The Java Applet-Plug-In must be enabled in the client browser.

After the ENTER button has been pressed the utility starts. Three windows will appear:

  1. A new browser window, containing the Java applets.
  2. The Graphic Composer that serves the purpose of
    • building and displaying the input, consisting of the reaction step rules, a formula for the start compounds and a formula for the searched compounds,
    • displaying the output, which is a synthesis of the searched compounds, if one is obtained.
  3. The Computation Tool for computing the organic chemical reaction.
Links to a guide for the web version of the Graphic Composer and the Computation Tool are available after ENTER has been pressed.

Operation and error messages appear on the Java Console (under Tools in your browser). Make sure you have it open to receive the status of your operations.

If the web Graphic Composer does not access the most recently saved data, the disk or memory cache of the web browser is likely the cause of the problem. To prevent it the disk and memory cache will need to be cleared.

The aocr-2.0 Web Utility will run for 30 min. After this period of time the session and its data will be canceled. Another session can be started.