About the manuscript Synthesizability

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Synthesizability aims at mathematicians who are interested in answering graph and model theoretical questions which are inspired by the field of organic chemical synthesis and whose answers, very likely, have strong applications to this field.

It focuses on the study of certain graph theoretical problems, for which a precise explanation is given, how they represent the organic chemical synthesizability problem. These problems have been examined mainly with the purpose of establishing their decidability or undecidability.

A considerable part of the text is dedicated to the generalization and the extension of the graph theoretical problems to a model theoretical problem, which in its turn is investigated under different aspects.

The text consists of a total of 339 pages, a forword, an introduction, 12 chapters, a detailed symbol list and an accurate index.

The Forword as well as several other fragments of the text are available as a preview through this link. Since many pages are missing in this preview, it is not suitable for the thorough study of the matter.

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